Information about small accommodation for in Osaka, Nishikujo - Chidoribashi, Great access to Universal Studios Japan. Enjoy your travel to Osaka, Kobe and Nara.

Our accommodation is located near the west bay area of Osaka City.

In the past, this area flourished as a port. A lot of ironworks and shipyards were built on the banks of the river. For a while, it became a very vibrant part of the city.

Afterward, the port was filled in to make more land. This area became a residential area sandwiched between rivers.

When you walk around this area now, you can find buildings which are old and unused, some public baths, traditional shopping streets and various other details that give this area its personality.

In recent years, this area has gradually been reformed by people renovating old house into cafes, multiple-use spaces, galleries and etc. This new transformation has brought some changes to the atmosphere of this part of town.

We have made some small accommodations in this area.
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